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Dental Care in the Hospital

Hospital Dentistry

You might be asking yourself, “Why would anyone ever need to go to the hospital for dental care?” Or, on the other hand, you might be wondering, “How could my or my loved one’s extensive dental needs ever be met in a dental office?” Most commonly, dental care is provided by dentists in their practice settings. But, there are times when pediatric or adult patients have either disabilities or greater medical or dental conditions that are best treated alongside the extra support of a hospital’s medical staff. At Kenosha Smiles, Dr. Barta has had the privilege of providing hospital dentistry as needed for over 32 years, since his residency training in pediatric dentistry. This additional training after his dental school education gave me a strong interest in medicine and collaborative care.

There are many reasons someone may choose to see a dentist in a hospital setting. Patients with chronic illnesses or extensive medical needs may benefit from the additional support a hospital setting provides. Patients with mental or neurodevelopment disorders, such as ADHD, Autism, or Anxiety disorders, can get the care they need with the treatment and sedation options catered to their needs that may not be available in an in-office dental setting. Dental care in the hospital may also be a great option for patients undergoing chemotherapy or other medically compromised patients.

Furthermore, you may benefit from hospital dentistry in the event of an emergency. Perhaps you had a tooth knocked out or are dealing with severe bleeding due to an accident. You probably already know you need emergency attention at a hospital. Your best outcome in some of these emergencies would be from the combined expertise of emergency room personnel and a dentist.

What does hospital dentistry look like?

So, how does dental care in the hospital work? Most commonly, the hospital dentist provides comprehensive oral health care services to patients within an operating-room setting – including cleaning, restorations, extractions, and preventive services like sealants and fluoride – all in one appointment. This is usually for the young child or special-needs patient, or someone with high dental anxiety, who has extensive dental needs. It is often much more beneficial to such patients to have everything completed at one time and under general anesthesia.

Before someone is brought into the operating room, we first conduct an in-office evaluation of all oral health needs. Following this, a preoperative visit is made with the patient’s primary care provider. Finally, all dental needs, including cleanings, root canals, extractions, and preventive services, will be completed during an out-patient hospital visit. Dr. Barta has the honor, through his hospital privileges at Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin, to be able to provide this specialized care for the needs of some of my favorite patients. If you would be interested in more information about hospital dentistry for yourself or a loved one, please give the office a call. They would love to talk to you today!

About Dr. Barta

Dr. Barta has been meeting the dental needs of Kenosha area families since 1988. He received both his undergraduate and dental degree from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Barta completed his residency in Milwaukee at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in 1990. He is on the medical staff at Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin. With continuing studies, Dr. Barta strives to provide the best care for all individuals. He has served the Kenosha community where he lives by advising professional education programs, providing Head Start dental examinations, and speaking at elementary schools.

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