Liberation with Consideration for Others



Just recently the world celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Europe ( VE Day ). This reflected the victory over a power that threatened our freedom along with releasing those who had been under oppression for several years. The men and women of the United States and allied countries accomplished something so amazing that they have been given the title of “ The Greatest Generation” .


Last Summer my son Peter and I had the honor of visiting the beaches of Normandy where this liberation began. Above is an image that touched me as we visited Omaha Beach.  It reflects the joy of liberation and what it meant for the hearts of the oppressed. The poppy flower will forever have so much meaning!


COVID-19 Liberation

Over the last few days our state of Wisconsin … and more specifically our Kenosha community has experienced a liberation of sorts. Our tyranny has not been due to oppressive leaders …. But a microscopic virus. Our world has been rocked!


With liberation though should come a consideration for the health and dignity of others. We should respect the impact that this pandemic has had on our global health and continue to practice common-sense precautions. The Barta’s will continue to wear masks out in public places. Social distancing is a very good thing for a while. 


We do so to protect ourselves.. and also to protect others around us!


Kenosha has had great leadership throughout the event. I want to commend Dr. Jen Freiheit, Jim Kreuser, and the Kenosha County Board for all they have done to protect our Kenosha community!

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